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A 12 Month Fitness Program

Focused on You and Your Lifestyle

FAB! Is a 12 Month Fitness Program designed to modify behaviors that promote health and wellness in your daily routine. The program is split into 3 phases, each phase being 4 months long where the client is assisted by the fitness professional guiding each step and monitoring all data needed to measure the success of the program and the client.

PHASE 1: Deal: Diet Exercise as Leisure

In this phase the client and the fitness professional make a solid agreement on expectations and agree to the 365 day commitment. (This agreement will be different for each client but the general rule being that it is a serious commitment and needs to be followed). To be able to monitor and track the clients progress, weight, body mass, and measurements will be taken and recorded as well as weight and measurements expected at the end of the 365 day program. The client and fitness professional meet daily during this phase.

PHASE 2: Lead: Living Exercise and Dieting

By modifying behaviors in phase two the program focusing on maintaining a lifestyle and adapting to changes as they happen. Now just your daily life is your fitness routine and your “diet” is simply your breakfast lunch and dinner. You are ready to lead the life you love and do the things you want to do. These months focus on reinforcement of the good behaviors. The client and fitness professional meet weekly.


The final 4 months are a do or die; fight or flight situation the coach is there but basically its time to be FAB! Or FLAB!. Meeting only once a month this last month is really all the client showing off their Life and what they want to do with every day.

On the final day the client will have a 365 day journal of their journey.

Everyones program will be different no two alike - a unique journey to remember.

“An example would be changing your daily grooming routine, If you normally get up get dressed and are done in 15 min starting on day one you will take 30 min to groom ... a timer will be used to help keep you on track” - - This simple daily routine modification has now increased your Active and you are now 15 min a day more active....this task may seem unbearable at first but soon and maybe without consciously doing so, you will fill that time with more activity such as listening to music that causes a bit of a dance or curling your hair causing you to use muscles to hold up the curling iron....then as you enter phase two the timer is removed and this has now become your routine

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